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    These days surrogacy has been much debated subject. Surrogacy simply means that the pregnancy is carried on by the carrier when a woman is not able to carry the pregnancy on her own. The expert consultants at elixir Fertility Centre will advise you are examinations that whether you should go for surrogacy or not. The woman who has sever uterine abnormalities, or gone through hysterectomy or advised not to have pregnancy due to medical reasons.If you are planning to have a baby by surrogacy please consult our experts as EFC is one of the best Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi.

    Treatment in such cases is similar to donor egg treatment, with the egg and sperm being taken from the genetic mother and father (the intended parents). The resulting embryo/ embryos are transferred in the womb of a gestational carrier. With our capability of managing the complete treatment, our center offer the best surrogacy cost in Delhi.

    There is a difference between Traditional Surrogacy and Gestational Carrier (Gestational Surrogacy). We offer ethical surrogacy treatment in Delhi. A traditional surrogate mother is biologically linked to the child, because her donated egg is fertilized in laboratory conditions by the intended father’s sperm. The normally developed embryo through IVF is placed inside her uterus for pregnancy. Traditional surrogacy is not supported at our surrogacy treatment clinic in Delhi, since the surrogate mother should not be carrying her own genetic child.

    In the case of Gestational Carrier, there is no biological link between the gestational mother and child. The intended parents donate their sperm and egg for IVF at our surrogacy clinic in Delhi. The gestational carrier is given treatment to prepare for pregnancy. She is selected only after through medical screening to rule out existing disease or infections that may affect the foetus or pregnancy. The egg is fertilized in the laboratory and the embryos are monitored for normal development. The most viable embryo or embryos are then placed in the womb of the gestational mother for pregnancy and carrying pregnancy to term.