Elixir Fertility is one of the most specialized infertility clinics that has a great combination of experts with vast experience (in the field of infertility) and latest and most advanced technology available for improving success rates . Our highly experience team of IVF specialists and embryologist has been trained in various world class infertility centres in different countries of the world such as Germany, UK, Singapore and India. Thus,we provide you the best chance of having baby through IVF and other assisted reproductive technique. We are one of the best IVF Center in Delhi, who has great track record of highest pregnancy and live birth percentage.

    We are proud to have our own in-house comprehensive genetics and reproductive immunology program. In addition to it, through our immunohistochemistry unit we facilitate detection of genital tuberculosis to other high profile IVF Clinic and various IVF centers in the country for the past 20 years. We also impart in-house genetic testing and counseling at our molecular genetics laboratory. All such things represent our amazing state of the art facility that never lets you go anywhere else for your any medical needs.

    We at Elixir Fertility, strive to provide impeccable treatment and care in the field of IVF and other ART methods so that every couple having difficulty in conceiving gets the best result at the most affordable cost. Our whole management team, including IVF experts, embryologists, and clinical staff offer you the best chance to achieve a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby at the end of the treatment procedure.

    Being a top-class IVF Centre in Delhi, we have the responsibility to bestow our patients the best environment to ease their nerves and make them feel relaxed during their whole treatment procedure. We dispense comprehensive treatment for all types of fertility or sub-fertility cases whether you have had numerous failures in your previous attempt or it is your first medical consultation. We understand your physical, emotional as well as financial needs and complexities during such situation. Hence we come up with the most advance IVF and ART treatment procedures abreast with high quality clinical and nursing care, so that we can furnish you a complete fertility treatment at the cost that does not make a hole in your pocket.

    Apart from providing excellent clinical management, we also perceive your emotional needs. We understand the emotional pain caused by the inability to conceive, and we provide support, guidance and counseling throughout your journey with us.

    The unique combination of cutting edge science and personal touch is what sets EFC apart. We understand that the best medicine and truly innovative science never loses sight of the fact that our patients’ personal experience is ultimately what matters most.

    Our aim at EFC is to provide the highest standards of patient care for couples seeking infertility treatment.

    At our center we believe in individualized treatment for every case, and offer a comprehensive range of services including infertility work up and treatment, management of patients with recurrent pregnancy losses and genetic counseling services at our center.

    EFC is a knowledge based center where our team keeps abreast with the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the field of assisted reproduction.

    With us, you can start your treatment immediately without any waiting period.

    We realize the importance of maintaining transparency at every step of treatment, and involve the couple in decision making.

    ART & IVF treatment is emotionally and physically challenging. We understand the burden faced by couples having difficulties in conceiving and assure them of our continuous support throughout this demanding but fruitful journey.

    Infertility treatment is often time consuming and expensive. We strive to provide you cost-effective treatment while rigorously maintaining high quality standards.

    Keeping in touch with the latest advancements, we offer the latest technology to our patients, and use high-end equipment at our center.